Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top 10 Kids Costumes for 2010

Halloween is just a few days away and kids are getting more and more excited as the day nears.  There is nothing better than a night of costumes and candy for a child!

With today’s economy and everything that is going on in the world, you would think that Halloween would be put on the back burner…not so!  Halloween is the one holiday that embraces the popular tagline, “don’t worry, be happy”!  Adults love the holiday because it gives us a chance to become kids again; kids love the holiday because it gives them a chance to become anything they want to be.  They can become a superhero and save the world or they can become a princess and live happily ever after.

Halloween is a chance for all parents to let their child’s imagination run wild and applaud their creativity.  All of that comes in handy when it comes time to pick out their Halloween costume.  If your child is having trouble deciding on what they want to be for Halloween, maybe this list of the top ten kids Halloween costumes for 2010 from will help.
  1. Iron Man Mark VI Child Costume
  2. Toy Story Jessie Child Costume
  3. Super Mario Child Costume
  4. Alice In Wonderland Child Costume
  5. Avatar Jake Skully Deluxe
  6. Little Leopard Child Costume
  7. Werewolf Child Costume
  8. Snow White Child Costume
  9. Clash of Titans Calibos Child Costume
  10. Shrek 4 Fiona Warrior Child Costume
This year it looks like there’s a mixture of superhero’s, princesses and cartoon characters with a werewolf  thrown in to add a little old school feel to the holiday.

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